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About Us

Welcome to the Savvy Nanny. We feel very strongly here that finding reliable childcare shouldn’t be stressful or time consuming. Whether you need a permanent part-time or full-time nanny or on site child care for weddings, corporate events, or even church services-we’ve got you covered. Because we all need a little (or a lot) of help sometimes. We do the work of vetting candidates to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable bringing someone into your home and that your precious little ones thrive in every way possible. We also believe here that nannies are special and deserve the utmost respect for the magical work they do. By looking out for both families and nannies we create a network of caring and compassionate people who work together in all the best ways. Community matters and we welcome all to join ours here at the Savvy Nanny.

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Savannah Holland 
Owner: The Savvy Nanny LLC 

-Professional nanny for over a decade.

-Sac State Graduate with Degrees in Business & Communications.

-Sacramento is home. 


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